First thoughts: music, Sudan, Syria + guest Paul Gwiazda

Watch our latest webcast with Journalists Hanadi Hajana and Khamis Suliman reflecting on music, Sudan, Syria which took place on Thursday 18th July! We also had a brief interview with musician Paul Gwiazda who gave a quick preview of the gig on 1st August.

Hanadi and Khamis will be working on developing their pieces on music, Sudan, Syria over the next couple of months. According to Wikipedia, ” Sudan has a rich and unique musical culture that has been through chronic instability and repression during the modern history of Sudan.” Also, ” Syria was long one of the Arab world‘s centers for musical innovation in the field of classical Arab music; for example, the city of Aleppo is known for its muwashshah music, which was specially conceived to accompany Andalusianmuwashshah poetry.” This should be fascinating stuff!

journalists reflect on music sudan syria plus guest paul gwiazda
Guest on the show Paul Gwiazda with presenter John Rwoth-Omack

Apologies for the odd sound going weird esp during Paul’s interview, and the lip-sync being slightly off. In fact it was our first properly prepared test webcast now that we have the equipment properly installed and the team have had learnt enough of the basics. It will all hopefully be fixed before the next one.

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Arash Sabet - global local music
Arash Sabet will be the special guest performer on 1st August

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