Greater Than The Sum: new crossover music, live at Theatre Deli on 9th October 2019

New genre-defying music that cuts across boundaries, created from collaborations between six incredible artists – with support from the InterplayNow Collective

Weds 9th Oct 2019 at Theatre Deli, Sheffield
Doors open 7.30pm for 8pm start

Tickets £10 / £8 / pay-what-you-can
from https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/greater-than-the-sum-tickets-61884624578

Full details at www.interplaynow.org/greater-than-the-sum

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Recent event: InterplayNow Collective LIVE with Arash Sabet on 1st August

Watch below or go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsTTkEGDgaI

We had our first show on 1st August with special guest musician ARASH SABET.
For more Details about the event <<CLICK HERE>>

Arash Sabet - global local music
Arash Sabet makes music that crosses over between influences from Iran and Folk-Blues

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Our first Webcast with John Rwoth-Omack, Hanadi Hajana, Khamis Suliman and Paul Gwiazda – watch online now

Watch our webcast which took place on Thursday 18th July! In fact it was our first properly prepared test now that we have the equipment properly installed and the team have had learnt enough of the basics. PLEASE subscribe to our Youtube Channel and LIKE our Facebook page if you can. Don’t forget our up-coming first gig on Thursday 1st August with Special Guest ARASH SABET – more info HERE [>>]

Introducing Interplay Now

Interplay Now enables new musical collaborations across different cultures.

We are a new project bringing together very different musical genres, cultures and communities to create new music, and to encourage deeper understanding of the background to that music both artistically and socially using educative journalism.  The UK is rich in having a very diverse range of cultures and the innovative possibilities through bringing us together are mostly underused.  Our project’s starting point is with a diverse group of people mostly who arrived as refugees, who will perform, talk about and webcast a range of music created during the weekly project sessions. This is the Interplay Now Collective.

Interplay Now aims to bridge divides, generate artistic innovation and develop organisational skills among local people. We are also developing three micro-commissions connecting unusual pairs of Sheffield based musicians. Interplay Now hopes to catalyse the future evolution and understanding of musical crossover. We will use educative webcasting to develop audiences and influence musical and creative practice. 

We need your support to get this new project up and running – please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ujhN7adteCnU7Fa9g4WvQ

We are only just beginning, we have just had our first live presentation on 20th June 2019 at Theatre Deli preceding a performance by Avital Raz at Sheffield’s Migration Matters festival during Refugee Week, more details at www.migrationmattersfestival.co.uk/full-programme-2019-b/my-jerusalem . After only two sessions we have created a very simple promo video to give a sense of the vibe that this project is starting out with:

Find out more about how to join our skills development and creative sessions for the open crossover music and webcasting collective at www.interplaynow.org/apply


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Interplay Now is an amazing project run by Virtual Migrants in collaboration with Sheffield Refugee Council. We are also generously supported by SADACCA Studios who provide a fantastic space for us to work in. Other partners include Theatre Deli (Sheffield) and Koni Music, we are also grateful for financial support from Awards For All and the Arts Council England.

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