Migration Matters festival hosts preview of Interplay Now

Naji Hussein at Migration Matters festival 2019

A brief presentation about the project on 20th June 2019 at Theatre Deli as a part of Migration Matters festival 2019. Included a performance spot for Azam Hassan and Naji Hussein after only the second weekly session of Interplay Now. This is a new project by Virtual Migrants in collaboration with Sheffield Refugee Council. The project aims to bring together very different musical genres, cultures and communities to create new music. We also want to encourage deeper understanding of the background to that music both artistically and socially using educative journalism.

Azam Hassan singing his own composition with an introduction to Interplay Now by Kooj Chuhan:

Naji Hussein at Migration Matters festival playing the Saz with accompaniment on Darbuka by Abdul Soufi:

Kooj Chuhan delivered a short introduction so that the audience could get a grip on what the project is about. A crash-edited promo video for the project using footage filmed by members of the collective was also shown so that everyone could get a feel for the project. It all, well, went down nicely with the audience! Huge thanks to Migration Matters and Theatre Deli (Sheffield) for their support!

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