Greater Than The Sum genre-defying live music and media

new music that cuts across boundaries and defies categories, created from collaborations between six incredible artists – who become Greater Than The Sum of their parts
with support from the InterplayNow Collective

Weds 9th Oct 2019 at Theatre Deli, Sheffield
Doors open 7.30pm for 8pm start

Tickets £10 / £8 / pay-what-you-can
or go to
Theatre Deli, 202 Eyre Street, Sheffield, S1 4QZ

Greater Than The Sum image

Six artists commissioned to create new music in three pairs crossing over their very different genres and cultural backgrounds in unusual ways. To oppose fear, segregation and conflict through collaboration, sharing, improvisation. Exploring timely notions of what it means to move between cultures. Being rooted, to be from somewhere; to be complex and represent more than one identity. To be both accepted and an outsider, British and other. This is a musical premiere like no other, combining sound worlds in wholly new ways. Lyrical, accessible and beautiful, greater than the sum of its parts.

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First thoughts: music, Sudan, Syria + guest Paul Gwiazda

Watch our latest webcast with Journalists Hanadi Hajana and Khamis Suliman reflecting on music, Sudan, Syria which took place on Thursday 18th July! We also had a brief interview with musician Paul Gwiazda who gave a quick preview of the gig on 1st August.

Hanadi and Khamis will be working on developing their pieces on music, Sudan, Syria over the next couple of months. According to Wikipedia, ” Sudan has a rich and unique musical culture that has been through chronic instability and repression during the modern history of Sudan.” Also, ” Syria was long one of the Arab world‘s centers for musical innovation in the field of classical Arab music; for example, the city of Aleppo is known for its muwashshah music, which was specially conceived to accompany Andalusianmuwashshah poetry.” This should be fascinating stuff!

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Sheffield Interplay Now LIVE + special guest Arash Sabet

music crossover // global and local cultures // interviews and spoken reflections // live performance // film and media // in Sheffield: Interplay Now
LIVE @ Theatre Deli, 1st August 2019, 7pm
watch the live-stream at

Arash Sabet - global local music

music and words crossing styles and cultures. Incl. Syria, DR Congo, UK, Sudan, Iraq, Burundi. Interplay Now Collective features new Sheffield talents NAJI HUSSEIN, FAIDA MIKE, AZAM HASSAN and others. Plus special guest ARASH SABET and spoken contexts and film by Interplay Now web channel presenters featuring Sudanese journalist HANADI HAJANA.

This is a pay-what-you-feel event, but please register your ticket for attendance at


Arash is an Iranian singer-songwriter based in Sheffield, UK whose music is a combination of rock, blues and folk. Staying close to his roots, lyrics are often sung in Farsi or Gilaki. Links to his music and online presence:

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Our first live test stream

music micro commission

On 4th July we went live with our first test stream, impromptu and unprepared, just to give the participants a taste of what it all involves – so please don’t expect anything polished at this stage!! Here is the video we produced – it was a lot of fun behind the scenes…

We’ll be focusing and preparing the items properly for the next show on 18th July – see you there.

Migration Matters festival hosts preview of Interplay Now

Naji Hussein at Migration Matters festival 2019

A brief presentation about the project on 20th June 2019 at Theatre Deli as a part of Migration Matters festival 2019. Included a performance spot for Azam Hassan and Naji Hussein after only the second weekly session of Interplay Now. This is a new project by Virtual Migrants in collaboration with Sheffield Refugee Council. The project aims to bring together very different musical genres, cultures and communities to create new music. We also want to encourage deeper understanding of the background to that music both artistically and socially using educative journalism.

Azam Hassan singing his own composition with an introduction to Interplay Now by Kooj Chuhan:

Naji Hussein at Migration Matters festival playing the Saz with accompaniment on Darbuka by Abdul Soufi:

Kooj Chuhan delivered a short introduction so that the audience could get a grip on what the project is about. A crash-edited promo video for the project using footage filmed by members of the collective was also shown so that everyone could get a feel for the project. It all, well, went down nicely with the audience! Huge thanks to Migration Matters and Theatre Deli (Sheffield) for their support!

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Early Interplay Now Music and Video Journalism Training application form

For current applications for opportunities go to . This was the original application form for the first Interplay Now Music and Video Journalism training course which started the Interplay Now project:

Training and Production in the community – Sheffield 2019

Calling local musicians, community journalists
and aspiring video makers!

–  Gain skills  –  Play and create music  –  Produce community internet video programmes  –  Learn how to be a TV presenter  –  Collaborate between different musical styles and cultures –

For all local people, refugees especially welcome.
Training will be at your skill level from confident beginners to intermediate

Weekly sessions every Thursday, beginning on Thursday 13th June

This is a seven week course. It may be extended subject to funding.
All sessions run from 12-2pm at Refugee Council,
The Exchange Brewery, 2 Bridge St, Sheffield S3 8NS

Plus special Women Only Introduction: Wednesday 12th June

Register here to be involved:

Have you ever been a refugee or a part of a community with refugee experiences?(required)

Which of the following are you interested in?(required)

Interplay Now Music and Video Journalism Training
A partnership between Virtual Migrants arts association and Sheffield Refugee Council

Interplay Now Music and Video Journalism Training